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Important updates on Senior Prom
by Manavi Jain, 2018 (posted 2-21-28)

                            Image courtesy: The Knot

Hey seniors! Time flies in highschool in highschool especially senior year when we are all busy applying for colleges and scholarships. However, we must not the forget the fun things like prom!

Prom seems like 3 months but it’s really just around the corner. This year, senior prom, will be held at the Aqua Turf located in Plantsville Connecticut on Saturday May 12th. The theme of this year’s starry night.

The cost of prom is $85 per person. But in order to attend be sure you have turned in all your class dues prior to attending prom. A failure to successfully turn in class dues will result in not being able to attend prom. The rules are same as last year, each table will select one table captain to handle all of the paperwork. Each table will hold only 10 students, and if less than ten students are located at a table, other students will be placed at your table. Get ready table captains as prom table packets will be out March 26th!

Stay tuned for more details regarding the prom menu. For the time being, get together with your friends and make your groups so that when the time comes you’re ready! But as table packets come out and senior prom approaches, keep in mind of the allergies and dietary needs students may have at your table. Students with specific allergies and dietary needs must inform their table captains so they can specify it in their prom packet.

Enjoy prom and make the best of your memories!