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by Annie Wang, 2018 (posted 2-22-18)

On Thursday February 8th, 24 Cheshire High School students attended the annual Johns Hopkins Model United Nations Conference in Baltimore, Maryland. The conference was held at the Hilton Hotel and was attended by students from various states and countries. Over the course of 4 days, students spent time in their respective committees that they had previously prepared for. Basically, “we spent a lot of the time in committee creating resolutions and imagining solutions to the problems we were faced with while collaborating with students from other schools who represented different countries”, says Sean Roach, 2018. The students mainly represented the nations of South Korea and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

For the 6 seniors on the trip, many of which have attended numerous conferences throughout their time at the high school, the trip was bittersweet. Model United Nations challenges students to respond to crises and create resolutions to complex issues, but there are are also many more laid-back parts of the trip. Members of the club dined together, toured the Inner Harbor, and even did face masks together. These activities undoubtedly create lasting memories.