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Prospective on Ithaca College
by Don Therkildsen, 2018 (posted 2-22-18)

Almost five hours away from Cheshire, a bit ways south of Syracuse in upper New York, resides a notorious school: Ithaca College (in Ithaca, New York). This college is notorious for its arts programs, including those of writing and the performance arts. It is renowned for its theater program, and it devotes several different buildings to different fields, like the Dillingham Center, devoted to the production of multiple shows a year, or Park Hall which educates students majoring in communications, so future filmmakers and the like attending Ithaca find much of their time spent here.

Ithaca offers much more than education in the arts though. The study of natural sciences is promoted at Ithaca. Business, human sciences, and other various majors are given great importance at the college. There is even the renowned Muller Chapel, which is described as a “haven for the mind, body, and spirit.” Although this emphasis on various fields exist, they are still most recognized for certain programs, chiefly concerning theater and other arts.

Ithaca’s campus is a beautiful sight. From the Muller Chapel, to the towers at the center of the residential areas, and even the office buildings, give off a small town vibe while still providing that escape from home feeling for many of those in Cheshire. The various buildings give emphasis to various fields of study, including a multitude of different majors and classes.

The town of Ithaca itself is an American suburb, a bit like Cheshire from a certain perspective, but so much different in so many ways. For one, the town hosts a Harry Potter festival known as the “Wizarding Weekend” once a year in an October weekend. Yes, you heard me right, a Harry Potter festival. The students of Ithaca college are not far from the town, so they very well may enjoy partaking in these autumn festivities. The town as much more to offer, from the standards of your American suburbs, to the outlandish festivities that I expect many will enjoy participating in.

So, if you’re interested in a college like this, go to upstate New York. Take a peek at the campus (maybe on a certain weekend in October). It may not be for you, but then again, Ithaca College just may be the perfect school you’re looking for.