2018, February, Arts and Review, Senior Spotlight Female, Therkildsen

Senior Spotlight Female

by Don Therkildsen, 2018 (posted 2-18-18)

Alex Glenn , 2018, is a member of CHS Drama and currently in the production of Merrily We Roll Along. She has been in many of the shows in the past as an actor and tech crew member. She has been in Mary Poppins, Radium Girls, and She Stoops To Conquer as tech crew and in Singin’ In The Rain as an actor. On her free time, Glenn can be seen at Best Buddies and Unified Theater. Her favorite animals are vaquitas and cows. She loves Harry Potter, The Office, Meet the Robinsons, Blackish, The Goldbergs, and anything Disney.

What do you like about Merrily We Roll Along?

I really like how the show tells such a powerful story and really effectively conveys how important the choices you make everyday are.

What do you like about CHS Drama?

I love how it allows people to have a setting outside of school to see friends and let go of some stress.

What do you think makes Merrily We Roll Along stand out from past shows?

I think that Merrily is different from other shows because it is so full of intense emotions that almost everyone can relate to in a way, and it really makes you reflect the choices you have made in your life.

Why should people come see the show?

I think people should come see the show because it really opens your eyes to how even though some people may seem like they have everything, they can still regret the choices they made to get them where they are.

What will you miss most about CHS Drama?

I’ll definitely miss the friendships I have made. It’s such a welcoming community and everyone is really supportive of each other in all aspects of life.

How do you plan to use your experiences from CHS Drama in the future?

CHS Drama has taught me that it’s okay to be myself and to be outgoing. Hopefully these two qualities will allow me to build relationships with both my peers and my professors next year.

What do you plan to do after the musical? Plans for college?

After the musical I plan on taking lots of naps to catch up on some sleep! This fall I will be attending Berry College in Rome, Georgia as an animal science major on a pre-vet track.

What would be your dream role?

I’d love to be Vanessa from In the Heights. She’s such a strong woman who throughout the musical is fighting to reach her dream and doesn't let anything stand in her way.