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Fall Festival Fun

by Manavi Jain, 2018 (posted 9-19-17)

On Saturday September 16, 2017, many local businesses and organizations came together for a community gathering at the Cheshire Community Fall Festival. It’s a wonderful event that takes place annually at Bartlem Park. It is a great opportunity for various businesses, high school clubs, and families and friends to come together for a big get together. 

When you first get there you are struck by the festive feeling: there are activities going on everywhere and you don’t know where to start. There’s a place to just sit down and relax; there are stalls in the large tent that’s in the middle of the grounds. The best part about this is that you see so much communication going on and people enjoying each other’s company.

At the Cheshire Fall Festival, I got a chance to speak to some of the vendors. For example, at the Calcagni booth, two sales associates, Nancy Lydell and Debbie Yachtis, Lydell told me what she likes about the festival: “The community comes out every year to support the various businesses that take the time out of their day to present themselves at this festival. It has such a nice variety of businesses and there are great food and talent. It’s really fun to be out at the festival with all these people.” Her experiences over the years have been really good! Lydell said, “ As long as there’s been a festival we have always been here.” Lydell’s favorite part of the festival is seeing friends and clients and just being able to be social with everyone. Yachtis said, “ she loves seeing little kids having a great time.” Lydell and Yachtis both seemed to have a fun time at the Fall Festival and hope continue this gathering.

At Dr. Daniel’s Orthodontics booth, office assistant, Karen, Dentist’s Assistants, Kristin and Tiffany shared their experiences as well. Karen said that the festival brings people together. They were excited that the fireworks were brought back once again to the festival. Tiffany said, “It’s very family oriented and it was my first time being here.” Karen’s experience has been really good and said there’s something here for everyone to enjoy. She loves the Cheshire festival and says that her kids go crazy and love having fun. It’s a great way to bring families together. Her favorite part about the festival is getting to meet different people, learning about the different businesses that come, trying the different food; she also loves the fireworks at night. People I spoke to were delighted to be there and have always enjoyed their time there. Overall, the Cheshire Fall Festival is something that no one should miss out on. This festival is a great time to be with your friends and family.