CHS Club Fair: An Opportunity for Many
by Abby Dziura (posted 10-5-17)

On Monday October 2nd, you would have been hard pressed to find an empty corner of the east gym. That's because it held the annual CHS Club Fair, which helps promote the various clubs around school.

Tables lined the walls (along with displays in the center of the gym), and clubs of all kinds were there, like History Club, Comic Book Club, GSA, and Unified Theater, to name a few. During all three lunch waves, representatives from the various groups would explain what their clubs did and what they stood for, trying to entice more members to join.

“Our school has a lot of interesting and diverse clubs,” says Seneca Ellis, Class of 2018, “and I think it's important for all of the students to see the wide selection.”

Indeed, there is an- at times- overwhelming amount of clubs to join here at Cheshire High School, and the Club Fair helped condense them all into one, easy-to-look-through place.

Liam Covitz, Class of 2020, agrees. “I think it's really the best way to get everyone to know about all of the clubs... and it's a really fun idea to ‘advertise’ them all like this.”

When asked about the importance of clubs, many people agreed that they help foster a sense of community, in addition to helping people make new friends (people together in the same club, after all, probably share some common interests).

For many clubs, this was a wonderful opportunity from which they gained some new members that maybe otherwise would not have joined.

In the end, this was a great idea for both club advisors and students- clubs gained more members and interest and students got to join clubs that interested them. Hopefully, this will help boost everyone's involvement in the CHS school community.