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A look into University of Vermont (UVM)

By Shivani Padhi, 2018 (posted 10-23-16)

On October 4th, 2016, representative from the University of Vermont (UVM), Connor Loung visited Cheshire High School's career center. Luong talked about the various attributes of the University of Vermont like the majors and sports this university has to offer its students. University of Vermont, founded in 1791, is located in Burlington, Vermont and is ranked 7th among the 50 US public universities. University of Vermont is a perfect university for skiers because of the nature surrounding nature of Burlington Vermont. The college and career editor had an opportunity to talk to Luong regarding some of the prevalent questions asked by many students.

Campus Life

The campus itself is the home to 10,081 undergraduates and 1,360 graduates. The campus is filled with trees and has a perfect scenic view of Lake Champlain and the Adirondacks Mountains. UVM offers students with the perfect balance of study and pure nature.


Classroom size is very small; more than 50% of the classes have less than 20 students or less. Classroom structure vary from lectures, to discussion bases, depending on the professor and the class the students have chosen.

Standardized Tests

The University of Vermont accepts SAT or ACT scores depending on what students want to send to colleges. For the new SAT, UVM does not require the essay. In addition to SAT and ACT scores and results, UVM also accepts advanced placement (AP) test scores. One great benefit of schools who accept AP scores is that students have the opportunity to receive college credit.

Early Action merits and demerits

University of Vermont offers early action, meaning students, who are committed to a certain university, can apply early usually November 1st. One of the biggest advantage of doing early action is getting a reply faster than regular college application results. Early decision response comes out in December as opposed to regular admission results which start coming in April or even May. If a student get accepted to a college earlier in the year, the student can focus on even bigger things like scholarship and financial aids (if needed). However, early action also comes with disadvantages as well. For example, once students have applied to early action, the colleges will not be able to see the student's senior year grades. Including senior grades can be important because they can aid in boosting students grade point average (gpa).

Life Outside campus

Burlington, Vermont has a lot to offer to students outside the campus to keep them busy and in style. In the city of Burlington alone, there are 45 art galleries, 14 public parks, 9 theaters and concert venues, and a grand total of 100 restaurants. City of Burlington is a very diverse town that can certainly appeal to lot of people due to its uniqueness.


Besides from living in a beautiful campus and city, UVM also provides its students with a lot of practical and real world scenarios. There are a lot of job and internship opportunities for students to give a shot at during their stay at UVM. Some common internship opportunities include: Vermont Public Radio, American Red Cross, Burton, Dealor.com. With these variety of careers to explore, students can feel more confident and “job-ready” when it comes time to apply for a job and job interview.


Sports is a major heartthrob among many students. Luckily UVM offers sports and clubs to engage their students. UVA is a division 1 sports team meaning they are very competitive. Some division 1 athletic team they have are: men and women basketball, men and women ice Hockey, men and women soccer, women's swimming, men and women's skiing and many more. In addition to these marvelous sports, UVM has more than 200 clubs and organizations to offer to students. Students involvement in sports and clubs is imperative because they will accommodate to the campus life style quicker and feel more at home.

It was absolutely wondering to meet Mr. Connor Luong and gain knowledge on the University of Vermont and the variety of wonderful opportunities the have for their students to dive in. To attain more specific knowledge on the University of Vermont such as acceptance rates, SAT scores, and colleg tours, visit: http://www.uvm.edu/ or email Connon Luong at connor.luong@uvm.edu

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