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Keep Moving Forward in Life
By Kyle Leff, 2018 (posted 10-25-16)
On September 12th and October 6th, Cheshire High School (CHS) hosted a College Fair from 6pm to 8pm.

Over 75 colleges attended this fair to showcase their college and to answer any questions asked by prospective students from CHS and other students from the vicinity.

Each college had a pamphlet or booklet about the college that students and parents were able to take and look at for general information on the college; in addition, students were also encouraged to fill out forms to get emails and optional information sessions from the college they showed most interest in. Colleges would like interested high schoolers to visit these college fairs according to National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) website.

Most students, when preparing for a college fair, already have a predetermined list of colleges that they will be attending to gain more information on the college. However, many students go to the college fair to start their exploration rather than continue and expand.

Cheshire High School is not planning on having any more College Fairs at the school for the rest of the school year, however, multiple high schools in the vicinity will be hosting them in the coming weeks. For any more information on any colleges and fairs in the area, please go to Guidance and the Career Center. In addition to the resources available in Cheshire High School, also visit Marist, where there is a list of covered and upcoming college fairs in Connecticut 2016-17.


For any specific questions on college search, email the College and Career editor, Shivani Padhi at spadhi@cheshire.k12.ct.us