Latin Day 2016
By Caroline Turret, 2018 (posted 5-2-16)

On Friday, April 29th, Cheshire High School's Latin students embarked towards Holiday Hill for the annual district-wide Latin Day. Garbed in togas, the students came in prepared for trivia, sports, and the allure of free donuts.

After checking in, students were free to participate in many activities relative to ancient Roman culture, such as painting frescos and studying astronomy for extra credit. Many students also chose to participate in volleyball, kayaking, and academic trivia in different pavilions.

Cheshire also experienced an unforetold success in an unknown contest of which school had the most matching togas. Due to our school typically handing out identical togas for students going on the trip, Cheshire High School won by default and its participants will be mailed victory ribbons.

The camp was full of students from several districts, coming together to create a spectacular field day. Any Latin student intending to take the trip in the future can be assured that they will not be disappointed.