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Senior Meeting
by Jack Stanton, 2018 (posted 5-21-16)

On Thursday, May 12th, Mr. Solan called a classwide meeting in the auditorium. As the students filled in, whispers could be heard as students guessed what the meeting could be about. Some thought a punishment such as a lecture on senior skip day was on the way, while others thought a reward was coming. However, when Mr. Solan took the stand, he delivered a clear cut message.

In his short speech, Mr. Solan expressed how he had been disappointed with the amount of trouble the senior class was getting in for drinking and partying, especially because they were in their home stretch of their high school academic careers. As he spoke about how alcohol or drugs would not be tolerated, especially in school, all of the students in the crowd were looking around. Some were laughing, one student was actually called out by Mr. Solan for thinking it was a joke. Some had looks of disgust on their faces, as if they had never heard of alcohol, and others were just looking around at who they thought the culprits were. Mr. Solan finished off the meeting by saying how much he cares about the class, the good they have done for the school, how excited he is for graduation, and how they should not throw all this and their reputation away for a party.

Afterwards, Mr. Solan said that he held this meeting because the safety of students is his primary concern, and the school will do whatever steps it has to take to protect the students and get this message across. He also stressed how he wanted them to have a good ending to the school year that sets them on a good path going forward, but all of this depends on their judgement and decisions. He finished off by saying that he feels they will definitely improve any bad habits going forward, as they did react positively and they seemed to get the message.