Key Club challenges you!

By Sarah Salvati, 2017 (Posted 3/5/16)

Key Club at Cheshire High School is sponsored by the Kiwanis Key Club in the Town of Cheshire. Kiwanis Key Club is an international service organization that supports many communities in need of food and other survival equipment. Key Club is a volunteer service organization for high school students, providing its members with opportunities to serve the community and to grow as community leaders. More information can be found at Key Club International's website -

The faculty advisor for Key Club is Erin Griffiths who benignly offers us her room (39, Mondays after school) every meeting and graciously supports the club and the members. June Banfe is the Kiwanis Club adviser, who attends every key club meeting at CHS. June not only updated us about the latest Kiwanis club news, but also spectates the key club members who are diligently working on various volunteer programs. Key Club is a great benefactor, and truly tries its best to serve the communities who are underprivileged!

CHS Key Club is currently supporting Physicians For Human Rights, an organization that works to improve the overall living conditions of struggling countries. The human rights physicians are working mostly with Jerusalem and Palestine. Not only does this organization give the necessities such as food and water, but it also goes as far as to get school supplies for children there, which is needed desperately because education is incredibly underfunded at this time (understandably so). Physicians For Human Rights also works to improve domestic affairs, medical, public health and forensic research. In order to help Physicians For Human Rights, Key Club is proposing an attainable and pleasurable challenge for all citizens to raise money for the Physicians For Human Rights

The challenge: Donate one dollar then ask other (relative or friends) 3 people to donate a dollar, who will then go on to ask another 3 people, creating a domino effect. It's a small cost to the individual but adds up for the organization.
(Donations can be brought to Ms. Griffiths in room 39 or to the Club's President Sarah Salvati, if you have questions feel free to email her at

Club President: Sarah Salvati

Club Vice President: Rebecca Hyman

Club Secretary: Simran Kaur