AP Test Registration

By: Shivani Padhi, 2018 (Posted 3-13-16)

AP testing is approaching fast. Students must be registered online for the AP test by March 14th in order to participate in the test. The registration process is very different this year because student/parents will be registering and paying online through My School Bucks.  At this point you have been given the AP Student and Parent Bulletin. The bulletin should have been provided by your teacher, if not, please contact the corresponding teacher and/or guidance. There is also a link to the bulletin on the college board website. Click here for that link.

An informational video has been made by Guidance Counselor and AP Coordinator Bonnie McDonald to explain the new registration process. Students should watch the video with their  parents or guardians.  Please see Mrs. McDonald or your guidance counselor if there are any financial concerns about paying for any AP  Exams. The AP testing is not required; however, it is highly recommended for all students taking an AP class. Click here for the video link.  

To review further material regarding any AP exam visit the College Board website: