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The Supreme Court Justice Dilemma
by Ethan Shan, 2018 (posted 2-28-16)

The death of Justice Antonin Scalia has started a battle 
between liberals and conservatives over whether or not
President Obama should nominate a successor before he leaves office. Conservatives believe that the Senate should hold off because they believe a liberal judge would hamper their progress during this election year. Liberals believe that refraining from nominating a judge goes against the Constitutional duty of the President and the Senate. With many people debating over this, I would like to throw my opinion out and say that a new justice should be nominated as soon as possible.

Many Republicans support a replacement to be nominated only when President Obama leaves office. This is quite dangerous because for the next year, the Supreme Court would operate with one less judge, which can result in skewed decisions in major cases. The act of blocking nominations for a new judge is unacceptable and irresponsible of the Republican Party for endangering one of the most important parts of our government

It seems that the conservatives are trying to stop a nomination for their own political gain. Right now, the Court is split down the middle: half liberal, half conservative. Since Justice Scalia was a conservative, the Republicans had an upper hand. Now, they are hoping that they can maintain this. They realize that if Obama nominates a choice to the Senate, this choice would be a liberal, which would conflict with their agenda. However, by attempting to gain a lead in the Court, the conservatives are limiting the number of judges, which is dangerous because of the potential for skewed decisions.

We cannot allow conservatives attempt to manipulate one of the most prestigious branches of the federal government. Doing this would be against what history has done: most Justices are nominated within 100 days. By stretching this wait period to over 300 days, the conservatives are setting a dangerous precedent that can have dire consequences for the future.

This is one of many things that the Republican Party is doing to ruin American politics. Do your part to prevent things like this from happening.

*If I offended anybody in the Young Republicans, I sincerely apologize.

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