2016 Latin Banquet
By Caroline Turret, 2018 (posted 4-28-16)

Thursday, April 21st marked Cheshire High School's Latin Banquet of 2016, hosting entertainment from students and teachers in the department. The banquet, taking place in the school commons, featured many fun events alongside its festive meal.

Latin teachers Kathryn Oparowski and Julie Anne Buonasora prepared the room and received help from the school's Latin club members of which brought in food, artwork, and theatrical performances for the banquet. Notably, former CHS Latin teacher Virginia Swan arrived at the event, having retired just last year. She was received positively by many of the upperclassmen and other teachers. Swan was a great and pleasant addition to the annual CHS Latin banquet! A handful of Latin students from the Dodd Middle School acted as servants during the banquet, passing out food and drink for the high schoolers.

After food was served, many upperclassmen students put on performances for the attendees - the first of which, interestingly, involved the "haruspex" taking a pair of scissors and violently tearing open a stuffed cat and ripping out its stuffing (a sacrifice). The second performance consisted of a class of Latin students presenting poems and voting to determine the best among them. The final performance, entirely in Latin, was a very interesting interpretation of the story "Sweeney Todd", involving a barber slitting the throat of his client (similarly to a story often read by beginner Latin students).

Following the performances, students were able to swordfight in a makeshift gladiator ring or have their fortunes told by the "haruspex" (whose stuffed cat was, ultimately, patched back together). Though not as big a group as the banquet has had in previous years, the Latin banquet was enjoyed by the attending students and faculty members alike.