Code Boola by YHACK   
by Manavi Jain (2018) and Ashika Jain (2019)

On April 9th 2016, students from Cheshire High School and many other high schools had a wonderful opportunity to attend Code Boola, a programming session sponsored by YHack and Yale. Code Boola is a learnathon for high school students; students get to participate in workshops which are taught by current Yale students. YHack is all about learning, understanding and exploring how to make websites and games using the programming language. This helps students build upon skills and gain essence towards a STEM based education. Scholars with a programming career ahead will go in the STEM studies because coding requires a lot of math and logistics. Mentors and helpers were available in every step of the day accommodating students as the workshop carried through. The students at Code Boola got to make their own personal website by using Cloud 9. Cloud 9 is a powerful online code editor which uses HTML. HTML stands for hypertext markup language. HTML is a form of programming language commonly used for world wide web pages (www). For game designing, students got to use the program Scratch. Scratch is a free programming software that lets you create stories, games and cool animations for any occasion. For me, Code Boola was a awesome start to my interest in programming, and I look forward to another hackathon by YHACK next year!

Not only does Code Boola make coding and programming easy for rookies but it is a also a great social event. Even though Code boola teaches a minimal amount of programming, the experience is amazing and unforgettable. Code Boola enhances cognitive learning in website and game designing. Now almost anyone can apply these skills to any of their classes that require this type of focus. Creating a personal webpage was the hardest task due to its tedious HTML coding. HTML coding Code Boola was an amazing experience. You get to learn new things and how to make a website and on how to make a game. The best part of it was that there were a whole bunch of mentors that give you one on one time to help you understand the material. They tell you where exactly you went wrong in order to have a precise website.