The Teacher Experience
by Stephen Williams (posted 10-7-15)

Jack Olexovitch is Cheshire High School’s new addition to the Science Department. He grew up in Milford, CT, went to UCONN, got an undergraduate degree in molecular and cell biology, and a Master’s in curriculum and instruction (teaching). He also taught SAT training to high school students in Westport, CT. At CHS, he teaches College prep Biology and Catastrophic Events. While interviewing Mr. Olexovitch he answered a few questions for the article. Here is how he responded.

Q: What made you become a teacher in the first place?

“I always wanted to become a science teacher because science was one of my favorite subjects. I also wanted to help other kids succeed in life. I hated research, so I wanted to do something that doesn’t require much of it. Teaching was something that I always wanted to do ever since I was younger.”

What made you choose Cheshire?

“When teaching the SAT preparation course, I worked with students from Cheshire. I had a very positive experience with them and their families and decided Cheshire was one of the two districts I would apply to.”

What do you most value in teaching?

“I value the skills students learn to make them successful including: good work ethic, following directions, turning your things in on time, remembering how to take notes, etc. These skills will be beneficial throughout a student’s life. For example, when doing science experiments students will use problem solving, and critical thinking to find the hypothesis, analysis, conclusion, etc.”

What do you enjoy about CHS so far?

“I enjoy how the faculty has been so helpful and and accommodating. I feel this district and school really support education. I also feel the students are very motivated, and want to be successful. Even though they may not do their homework every night, when they’re in class they participate more than other schools.”

Mr. Olexovitch teaches in room 72, so stop by and make sure to give him a warm welcome! Here’s hoping he’ll be teaching for many more years at CHS.