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Parking Predicament
by Sabrina Cuda, 2016 (posted 11-1-15)

The senior parking lot at Cheshire High School is known to be very chaotic, congested and somewhat dangerous for students, faculty and other cars. Students park in places where they do not belong; taking other people’s spots, parking in the designated overflow lot which, in turn, creates confusion and disorder.

Mr. Peter Cameron, CHS Hall Monitor, who is typically in charge of overseeing the parking lot commented, “I don’t know how you can miss the big number on the ground and park in the wrong spot.”

In these types of situations, CHS will take the necessary steps in order to resolve the problem. If in fact another person is parked in a spot they should not be in, they will receive a paper warning as a first offense, if the student continues to park there they will be punished with a saturday school and lastly, if there are still reoccurring offences, then the car must be towed.

Linda Maidelis, in administration, is in charge of distributing the number tags to each student who applies for a parking pass, Maidelis clarified that this system is on a “first come first serve basis.” Maidelis explained, “one of the biggest problems with parking spaces is students who share spots with friends, and visitors parking in students designated spots where they don’t belong.” 

If any student ever comes in contact with a problem in which their spot is taken, then they should redirect themselves to the “overflow lot” also known as the “substitute lot” located right by the football field. The student should then notify the assistant principal's office in order to assess the problem and fix it.

CHS has expanded at large as the school years progress, over time, additions to the building have been made, which ultimately affects the amount of parking available to students, faculty, and visitors. There is limited space to put hundreds of cars each day. In the senior lot alone, there are only 165 spots which causes many seniors to unfortunately be assigned to park across the street in the junior lot at Bartlem Park.

The havoc in the parking lot may never be resolved due to the restrictive space that CHS faces, but there is always a way to improve upon certain issues. The plan of action is to continue to improve what can be done such as painting a new cross-walk this year so that students are not freely crossing the street anywhere, in order to create a safer environment.