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New Courses
by Archana Mandava, 2018 (posted 1-27-16)

As some of you may be aware, there are two new AP (Advanced Placement) courses being added onto the program of studies in the upcoming 2016/2017 school year. These courses are AP Economics and AP Computer Science Principles.

AP Computer Science Principles is available for students in grades ten through twelve. This course is a full year course and requires the completion of Algebra II Competitive College Prep or College Prep. There are no set grade requirements needed to take these courses , but you need to pass either of the prerequisite courses. However, if you have not completed either of these courses, approval from the mathematics department leader is needed.

More about this course:

This course introduces the basic ideas about computer science for understanding principles such as programming, basic algorithms, working with large data sets, etc. In addition, this course will dig into the influence that technology and computing has on the real world. It will give you a basic understanding of how computer science applications are used by artists, writers, computer scientists, etc. for “bringing ideas to life” Assignments include many investigations of real world computations with peers, as well as individual creative thinking.

What can be pursued by taking this course?

Taking a computer science advanced placement course can lead to a future in many careers, due to the fact technology is constantly improving the work done in many fields. Some career majors that are possible by learning computer science are different types of engineering fields of study (electrical, aerospace, industrial, mechanical etc) In addition, many digital art careers, such as web designing, and science majors, such as molecular biology require a basic understanding of computer science and statistics.

AP/ECE Economics is also another course being added onto the program of studies in the upcoming 2016-2017 school year. This course is available to students in grades eleven and twelve. The prerequisite for this course is to have completed and passed an AP course. It is a full year course, as well as an ECE (Early College Experience) credit course, meaning that the credit can be transferable to colleges, such as UCONN.

What is this course about?

This course outlines the economics of national income, policies regarding stability of the economy, growth of the economy, and economics outside of the United States. Understanding the aspects of macroeconomics, such as national productivity, and interest rates will be used in real world applications. There will be many reading, writing and oral assignments throughout the course, and it is strongly advised this course be taken only if you have a strong interest in economics. (Not because it is just another AP).

What can be pursued by taking this course?

Taking this course can lead to a future in many business related career majors, as well as others. Examples of these majors include staticians, telecommunications, and other analytic types of jobs.

This is a basic overview of some AP courses for upcoming sophomore, juniors, and seniors to take advantage of, especially if wanting to learn more about technology and economics, or potentially wanting to pursue careers in these respective fields. Coming soon is more information about future instructors of these courses. More information about these courses is available online at the AP college board website, and the Program of Studies on the CHS website.