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by Christina Nguyen, 2017 (posted 12-19-15)

Adolescents are a thirsty species. We thirst for adventure. We thirst for a thrilling, risky event to distract ourselves from our tedious school days. We thirst for an outrageous occurrence that we can recount to our friends; stories that invoke them to slap our backs and mutter, “you are a wild imbecile.”

As a result of my adolescent thirst I used to believe that drinking at any age was the catalyst to a legendary night; that it would establish an event that would be as unforgettable as witnessing Donald Trump strutting down our school’s hallways, adorned with lady’s swimwear. I assumed that these poisonous beverages would simply conjure a moment of airy laughter amongst my peers; the same enjoyment that we would obtain by seeing an elderly politician exposing himself in a brightly colored swimsuit top. Blissful, outrageous events are often associated with taking in mass amounts of alcohol due to the image society has created of alcohol among teenagers. Unfortunately, some of the world's populace have become reliant on this method to experience social pleasure.

Some indulgences have deadly consequences. Numerous people have guzzled alcohol as rapidly as a man who had been stranded in the Sahara Desert would gulp down water after finally discovering a river.

The contest among teenagers proving to their peers the amount of alcohol their body can “handle” is evident throughout an alarming number of high schools nationally.


A young girl drops to the ground at a Halloween Party. She is more sedated than a zoo animal that had been shot with a tranquilizing bullet. People freeze, and internally debate whether they should call an ambulance. Calling for help would cause their underage drinking to be exposed.

These teens wonder for too long, and the girl’s lungs become drowned in the toxic liquids that she had quickly ingested. A fatality has occurred.

Ultimately, the risk of fatality is greater at an event involving alcohol in the hands of minors who lack the desire to take on the philosophy of moderation. Some people may always be set on the ideology that these misfortunes will not happen to them personally. Sadly, I have witnessed my own friends experience irritability and boredness at social gatherings that don’t supply alcoholic drinks. The drinks that are illegal to our age group.

I view these people to be as pathetic as a blind mouse trying to read an almanac. The negative effects of drinking are immensely more significant than the rush of temporary excitement that alcohol induces.

These habits amongst young adults are what make life complex and thought provoking. Still, ingesting alcohol is unnecessary, and causes me to view certain people to lack the creativity to enjoy a larger array of activities of life’s pleasures. We all thirst for adventure, but some methods of gaining this pleasure are less admirable than others.