Cheshire High School - Cafeteria

High School Lunch Information:
Tier 1 is $3.10 which includes an 8 oz milk
Tier 2 is $3.25 which includes a 10 oz milk carton
Tier 3 is $4.25 for all white meat chicken or made to order deli and includes 10 oz milk.
8 oz milk is $.75 and 10 oz milk is $.95.

When CHS has Early Dismissal Days – Remember...Breakfast ONLY – No Lunch Served

The School Lunch Program has implemented a computerized debit system. Students can either pay cash for meals at the end of the serving line or deduct payment from an established lunch account. 

The system allows students to enter his or her personal identification number (PIN) to access his or her account. Students' PIN numbers will stay the same while with Cheshire Public Schools.

All students will have an established debit account, although advanced payments are not required.   
We also now offer “Café Prepay” which allows you to remotely and securely use your Visa, MasterCard or Discover. You may enroll at to put funds into a student account for a fee of $2.50 per transaction (paid to the Café Prepay Company for administration, not to Cheshire Food & Nutrition Services). You may also enroll to track student purchases. For more information, visit

Students will input their PIN number into the system regardless of their meal status: paid, free, or reduced, or whether they have money on account or are paying cash. 

To help prevent mistakes and fraudulent use of student accounts, a digital image of your child will appear on the monitor for the cashier to view every time your child accesses his or her account. The only information displayed on the monitor is the student's name, homeroom, grade, account balance, dietary restrictions and picture.

Meals will only be deducted when the student uses his or her account. Cashiers will have pre-printed envelopes available to be used when making advanced payments. Fill out the information on the outside of the envelope, enclose payment, and return the envelope with payment to the cafeteria in the morning or in the lockbox near the south entrance before 9AM. When account balances reach below five dollars, the cashier will try to remind the student by providing him or her with a preprinted envelope. (Students paying cash daily for meals can hand the cashier payment at the end of the serving line.) 

Please note that we will be unable to make refunds with this system. However, balances as of June 30th will be carried over to the next school year. 

Advanced Payment Options 

Funds are deposited into your child's debit account and available to your child when purchasing lunch and/or a la carte foods in the cafeteria. There are no limitations as to what may be purchased or how many purchases can be made. The account balance simply decreases as purchases take place. 

Monies put on account are designated for Tier 1 student meals only. Your child would need to pay cash for any second lunches, Tier 2 or 3 lunches, snack or a la carte items being purchased. Any number of prepaid meals may be put on account at any time. 

This option ensures that your child receives a lunch and allows him or her to purchase a la carte foods as well. There are no limitations as to what foods may be purchased a la carte, or how many a la carte purchases can be made. When making a payment for both, please state clearly how much money is for prepaid meals and how much is for "cash on account". 

Breakfast is offered both at Dodd Middle School and Cheshire High School. Breakfast is $2.00 at the high school.   Free breakfast is available for both reduced and free eligible students.