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Classes Offered

Listed below are the classes offered at Cheshire High School in which students can earn credit through Uconn’s Early College Experience (ECE) program.  Uconn’s ECE class titles are slightly different from Cheshire’s classes. The table below distinguishes the classes offered at Cheshire and which class(es) they are equivalent to under Uconn’s ECE program. The table also includes information regarding the amount of credit students could earn. 

ECE students must successfully complete the course with a grade of C or better in order to receive university credit. University credits are highly transferable to other universities. 


Must apply BEFORE end of current year. 


Uconn ECE

Course #

Class Name

Course #

Class Name


EN 0052

British Literature


ENGL 1011

Seminar in Writing through Literature


AT 0631


AT 0634

Child Development & Human Growth

 (they are semester long courses that, when combined in a single school year will qualify for ECE)


HDFS 1070

Individual & Family Development


SC 0350

AP Biology


BIO 1107

BIO 1108

Principles Biology I

Principles Biology II


SS 0242

AP European History


HIST 1400

Modern Western Traditions


WL 0432

AP French Language


FREN 3267

French Language & Culture


SC 0343

AP Physics B


PHYS 1201 Q

PHYS 1202 Q

General Physics I

General Physics II


SC 0344

AP Physics C


PHYS 1401 Q

General Physics with Calculus


WL 0455

AP Spanish Language


SPAN 3179

Spanish Conversation: Cultural Topics