Cheshire High School Media Center - Hours and Policies  

Mischler Library @ Cheshire High School


Sarah Peters, Librarian     203-250-2531


A.     Hours of Operation

                M – F, 6:45 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  On early dismissal days, library closes at 12:30 p.m.

B.     Circulation

·           Books – 3 weeks

·           Audio-visual materials – 2 to 3 weeks, depending on type

·           Magazine – 2 weeks

·           Reference – 12 hours

·           Chromebooks – 1 class period

         We do not charge overdue fines; however, we reserve the right to block access         to PowerSchool or restrict borrowing privileges if the policies are abused.

C.     Printers and Copier

·         The printers and copier are free of charge, but are limited to 10 pages at one       time (unless it is a project or paper that exceeds this number of pages). 

·         If you are printing from a webpage, please highlight the text you want and          then choose “selection” from the print menu.  If you don’t know how to do             this, please ask the library staff. 

·         Printing Power Point presentations or other graphics is NOT allowed without          express permission from the library staff.  If you need to print a slideshow,          please ask the library staff to show you how to print hand-outs of your slides.

D.     In-Library Rules

·           All food and drink (whether carried in or purchased at the café) must be           consumed in the café area.  Only water in clear, closed containers will be               allowed in the rest of the library.

·           Any furniture moved must be put back in its original location by the end of           the period.

·           During the school day, computers must be used for academic work only.                Game-playing or any other violations of the Responsible Use Policy (RUP) are        prohibited.

·           Electronic devices are allowed, but must be used with earbuds.  If we hear           it, we confiscate it!

·           All trash must be disposed of properly in garbage containers throughout the        library.

·           Only 1 person per chair and 4 people per round table.  Also, please keep your        feet off the furniture.

·           If you need to leave the library to go to the restroom or your locker, please        sign out at the circulation desk and take the pass.  (Only 1 person per pass.)         If you want to see a teacher, you will need to do it between periods so as to        not interrupt classes in session (or the teacher may give you a signed pass           with the specific time to visit).

·           If using the courtyard, students must keep their voices down and not                   rough-house so as not to disturb the surrounding classes.

E.     Yellow Passes

·           Must be issued by classroom teachers only.  Library staff will not and                   substitute teachers and study hall monitors may not issue passes.

·           Pass must be completely filled out (with specific work to be completed) and        signed by both the classroom teacher and the study hall monitor.  It is the           student’s responsibility to make sure the pass is complete.

·           As students sign in at the greeter desk, they must surrender the pass.

F.     If Coming from Study Hall

·           Only 6 students per study hall.

·           All students must have a yellow library pass (see details above).

·           Passes must include the specific reason for visiting the library.  First                   preference will be given to students with work that cannot be completed in           study hall (e.g., research, printing, etc.).  This is at the discretion of the               library staff.

·           Any student who is overly loud or disruptive will be given one reminder to               quiet/settle down.  If disruption continues, student will be sent back to               study hall and may lose library privileges for two weeks.

·           Once signed in, students must remain in the library for the entire period.

G.     Café Rules

·           During school hours, students must have a pass to enter the café, except        for seniors during first and last periods.

·           All food and drink must be consumed in the café and may not be brought               into the library or to a classroom (unless the teacher gives permission).

·           Complete rules will be posted in the library and café when it officially opens.