Welcome to Cheshire High School's Department of Athletics

Dear Parent/Guardian and CHS Athlete:

As Director of Athletics, I would like to welcome you to the Cheshire High School Department of Athletics. This handbook is designed to provide information about the Cheshire High School athletic program available to you. It also serves as a guide for all athletes and parents. As a coach, it has always been my belief that there is a big difference between athletic teams and an athletic program. A successful program includes dedicated coaches, active support from the student body, outstanding leadership from school administrators, and most importantly, a great sense of pride fostered by parents and the entire community. It will be our mission to facilitate all those facets together to create the best athletic program possible. Successful athletic programs have specific goals. Some of those include: a positive experience for athletes and a great sense of camaraderie and unity within their team and an environment that insures high ethical standards and expectations for fairness, equity, and sportsmanship for all of our student-athletes and coaches.

A true athlete is someone of high moral character with a genuine work ethic. They contribute to a team in many different roles other than just playing and always strive for improvement and efficient execution of skills, in practice as well as in competition. Play hard, play fair, and dedicate yourself to be the best you can possibly be, but most importantly, have fun! The rewards will stay with you for the rest of your life.

I challenge you to make the commitment to build your own future through athletics. Be part of, and be a supporter of, Ram athletics.

With Ram Pride,

Steve Trifone

Director of Athletics

Cheshire Athletics