Cheshire High School - World Languages

World Languages are the keys to the whole world! The emphasis in all world language classes is the ability to communicate in the target language. Language classes integrate the study of geography, art, architecture, history, and literature with writing, speaking, and listening skills. Higher order thinking skills are addressed through problem-solving situations in the target language. Latin classes emphasize increasing vocabulary skills for SAT testing. Challenging Advanced Placement courses in French, Spanish, Latin, and German employ primary documents, sophisticated literature, and complex cultural content. Exciting student foreign exchange and travel programs to Spanish, French, German and Italian speaking countries complement language study. 

World Language study is an important adjunct skill to any professional or technical career, complimenting and enhancing this training, therefore making it a pivotal part of all eight career clusters.

What can I do with a major in Foreign Languages?

  • Art Conservator   
  • Language Researcher
  • Chef    
  • Public Relations Specialist Writer
  • Customs Official  
  • Science Writer
  • Foreign Service Officer  
  • Scientific Linguist
  • Foreign Student Advisor  
  • Teacher
  • Import/Export Agent  
  • Translator
  • Intelligence Agent  
  • Travel Agent
  • Interpreter

World Languages Department Members

Artur Branco
Department Leader
Julie Anne Buonasora
Gina Corrado
Josephine Countryman
Kathryn Oparowski

Jim Pilch
Margarita Velez