Cheshire High School - Science

Mission Statement:
To succeed in our technologically changing society, a thorough knowledge of science is increasingly important. To this end, the Cheshire High School Science Department offers a comprehensive science program for all students. As all careers become more complex, we feel a strong need to emphasize career relationships within all our science courses. the topics discussed and issues brought out in any science class are appropriate for all of the eight career clusters.

A complete physical and biological core curriculum is available. A wide range of electives is offered for all students, depending on interest and career choice. Students wishing advanced courses are encouraged to take Advanced Placement courses in biology, chemistry, physics and environmental science.

The world is continually becoming more technologically complex; our goal is to prepare all our students to excel and be scientifically experienced.

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(For course level, per-requisites and other requirement information, please see the CHS Program of Studies)

Student Clubs and Organizations

Science Department Members

Ms. Julie Barker, Department Leader
Dr. Steve Bertenshaw
Dr. David Cadugan

Mr. Allen Dvarskas
Mr. Budhan Ketwaroo

Dr. Cherylyn Lee 
Ms. Mary Lent
Ms. Pamela Missal 
Mr. Jack Olexovitch
Ms. Corrinne Pelletier 
Ms. Andrea Sidoruk 
Dr. Jim Trifone
Ms. Sandra Vermeulen 
Ms. Megan Weingart
Mr. Jim Zagres, Humiston School