Cheshire High School - Physical Education and Health

Physical Education is an integral part of the educational process for every student. It contributes significantly to the optimum development of each student. Through a well-planned and sequential program of physical education, each student will have the opportunity to develop and maintain a high level of physical fitness necessary for maximum growth, development and wellness.

Through physical activity we seek to provide enjoyable and successful experiences in order that we promote cooperation, teamwork, improved self-esteem, an awareness and appreciation of individual differences and an interest in life-long activities.

Physical Education is a required course for all students. Freshmen and juniors participate in Physical Education for one semester and Health for the other half of the school year. Sophomores and seniors take Physical Education for the entire school year. During the fall of their sophomore year, students are expected to complete the State of Connecticut mandated physical fitness assessment test.

Change of uniform – red shirt, black shorts

Available for purchase when school starts in August

Dri-fit:  $24 for set

Purchased separately: $13 each or you may purchase on your own

Juniors and seniors may still use the old uniform (grey shirt, black shorts)

12th Grade Med

Physical Education and Health Department Members