Cheshire High School - English

The English Department at Cheshire High School strives to present a challenging curriculum to all students through differentiated instruction. Required courses offer an integrated approach to reading and writing and include speaking, viewing and listening, as well as critical thinking, research strategies and technology.

Ninth and tenth graders will select a World Literature class in which literature is presented by theme and genre. World Literature I class presents a limited view which is expanded upon in World Literature II. Skills and expectations in grade 10 dovetail with those presented in ninth grade and add new dimensions to research, problem-solving, and responding to literature. Where possible, these literature courses will explore interdisciplinary links with the World Studies program. As always, writing is as important a component as reading, and students will develop a literacy portfolio which will follow them through the high school.

Juniors and seniors may make some choices about their English preparation which will allow them to pursue an interest, select an appropriate level, and configure their junior and senior years in several ways. Both full-year and semester courses are available at a variety of levels and may be taken by both juniors and seniors. Juniors must take at least one semester of American literature. The department’s goal is that all juniors and seniors will develop an interesting, challenging and rewarding program with the help and advice of their English teachers.

All students are encouraged to use the Communications Center. The center works as a technical laboratory site for most English classes as students produce written copy, edit, and revise their work, as well as expand their experience with electronic sources.

English Department Members

Rachel Bevins
Taryn Chorney

 Kim Christensen
Dawn Demeo
Erin Gribben
Michelle Kochiss
Kate Mrowka
Sarah Redford
Amy Russell
Eileen Wildermann
Ian Wildermann,
Department Leader
Megumi Yamamoto