Cheshire High School - CTE
The mission of the Applied Technology Department is to provide opportunities for all students to discover their interests and educational pathways that can lead to success in high school, college, and their chosen career/profession.  Our real-world, project based, and student centered learning offers a collaborative approach, which  allows all students to obtain outcomes that prepare them to become competitive members in today’s rapidly changing global society.

The Applied Technology Department is a consortium of the Family & Consumer Sciences and the Technology Education programs. The courses found here put into practice the academic learning found in the curriculum of Cheshire High School and the technologies (tools, materials, and processes) represented there.

The Family & Consumer Sciences program goes far beyond cooking and childcare. These are courses where students will find real-life problems (career and personal) in our on-site bakery, the individual kitchen units, the nursery school setting, and of course, the "empathy belly".

The Technology Education program is process ordered and activity based. Students will face basic instruction and challenging problems in communication, construction, manufacturing, and transportation. The activities leading to Channel 16 TV, Web site construction, Connecticut Home Show awards, The school newspaper (Rampage), and set design and construction for the school plays says that these course are truly, “Hands-on”.