Cheshire High School PTO Communication

We encourage you to attend our monthly CHS PTO meetings. It’s a wonderful way to learn what is going on at CHS and with the PTO, and share in the PTO decision making process. Our PTO meetings are usually held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month, at 7pm, in the CHS library. A schedule of PTO meetings is listed on this website. Minutes from the meetings are available from the PTO Secretary.

We urge you to check the PTO section of the Cheshire High School website. Our PTO web pages contain meeting dates, meeting minutes, a list of board members, board responsibilities, our by-laws, upcoming events and important dates. Check out the PTO section for the latest news from the CHS PTO.

The CHS PTO produces thre Newsletters each year. These Newsletters are an effective communications tool used by the PTO Board to inform the CHS community of various PTO activities and functions. These newsletters will be posted to the PTO website and e-mailed to our membership.

PTO members will also receive e-mail notification with important PTO information and notices about upcoming PTO activities or events.

Important PTO Notices will also be posted on the PowerSchool announcements.