Principal's Message

Cheshire High School is an environment where dedicated educators in partnership with parents and the community work to support and challenge all students to become their best.  We use the Cheshire Performance Standards (Skilled Information Processor, Knowledgable Person, Effective Communicator, Collaborative/Cooperative Worker, Community Contributor, Self-Directed Learner, Complex Thinker) as a vehicle to guide curriculum, instruction, assessment, and extracurricular pursuits.  Our community is committed to providing opportunities for students to develop their proficiency in these standards throughout their experience at Cheshire High School.   We believe that students who develop proficiency in these standards will not only find success at Cheshire High School or post-secondary education, but in life.  Our history serves to support this assertion.   Cheshire High School has a strong record of success and is widely recognized for preparing young men and women well for the challenges they face following graduation.  With an impressive number of graduates attending colleges and universities, some among the leading in the country, we are proud to offer a comprehensive program of studies.  While we emphasize a rigorous academic course of study, we recognize and appreciate the value in nurturing the unique interests, talents, and skills of our students through our special areas programs.  The richness of our curriculum, the preparation of our faculty, the achievement of our students at levels well above national averages on standardized tests are evidence of our distinction as one of the finest high schools in Connecticut.  With active parent involvement, strong community connections, and the support of the Board of Education, Cheshire High School serves as a model for public education. 

As part of the process in preparing students for post high school education and productive and satisfying adult lives, we encourage them to become part of the broader school community.  Our extensive schedule of athletics, fine and performing arts opportunities, club and activity offerings, and contributions through community service further characterize a commitment to providing a comprehensive high school experience.  The energy and enthusiasm of our teachers and students is palpable and we are proud of our accomplishments both individual and collective.   

Please take some time to review our website as it reflects the incredible things that our students and staff are doing every day at Cheshire High School.


Jeffrey F. Solan