Cheshire High School Performance Standards

Collaborative/Cooperative Worker

Performance Standard: 

The Cheshire High School student participates collaboratively as well as cooperatively as a member of a team. Collaboratively, the student gathers ideas from the group to develop an individual position.  Cooperatively, the student works to resolve divergent ideas in order to achieve a common purpose.


A.  Self-assesses and monitors own behavior in order to contribute to group maintenance.

B.  Works interdependently toward the achievement of group goals.

C.  Demonstrates effective interpersonal skills and applies them respectfully when challenging and responding to the ideas of others.


Community Contributor

Performance Standard: 

The Cheshire High School student exerts a high level of effort and perseverance. The student contributes to the well-being of the school and community, works well with students and staff from diverse backgrounds, and shows respect for self and others.


A.  Demonstrates awareness of social expectations and exhibits appropriate behavior..

B.  Demonstrates respect for property.

C.  Demonstrates respect for self and others while recognizing individual differences.

D.  Demonstrates knowledge about the school and community and assumes responsible citizenship by taking positive action.


Complex Thinker

Performance Standard:         

The Cheshire High School student uses a variety of complex reasoning skills, including inquiry, to pose and answer questions, to solve problems, and to explore ideas. The student shapes information into knowledge and knowledge into understanding.


A.  Effectively identifies and explores problems, situations, questions, and issues.

B.  Effectively translates issues and situations into manageable tasks that have a clear purpose.

C.  Effectively uses a variety of complex learning strategies to accomplish tasks.

D.  Shapes information and experience into a meaningful understanding of concepts.


Effective Communicator/Producer

Performance Standard:

The Cheshire High School student communicates thoughts, ideas, and information clearly, effectively, and in an organized fashion; the student does this in multiple ways including oral, written, technical, and artistic expression.


A.  Expresses ideas clearly.

B.  Effectively communicates with diverse audiences.

C.  Participates in class discussion.

D.  Effectively communicates for a variety of purposes.

E.  Effectively communicates using various means of expression.


Knowledgeable Person

Performance Standard:         

The Cheshire High School student accesses, processes, integrates, and applies information in order to construct knowledge. The student uses relevant skills and strategies from the disciplines to turn knowledge into understanding.


A.  Acquires, integrates, and effectively utilizes the critical information, strategies, and skills necessary for success in academic and extracurricular activities.

B.  Accesses, processes and utilizes discipline-relevant knowledge within and across disciplines.

C.  Develops appreciation for the different learning approaches unique to each discipline area.


Self-Directed Learner

Performance Standard: 

The Cheshire High School student is an autonomous, reflective, and responsible learner. The student demonstrates leadership, self-regulation, independence, and an ability to set and achieve goals.


A.  Knows when and how to use skills and strategies from the discipline areas.

B.  Establishes clear goals and manages progress toward them.

C.  Works independently.

D.  Reflects on role as a learner.


Skilled Information Processor

Performance Standard:         

The Cheshire High School student gathers information and applies concepts from the arts and humanities, sciences, and technology. The student interprets and synthesizes information and accurately assesses the value of information in any given task.