The mission of the Cheshire High School learning community is
the enhancement of student understanding. For understanding to be achieved, teachers will guide students to shape information into knowledge and knowledge into understanding. Though rewarding in itself, we believe that understanding is pursued to enable students to become complex adult thinkers, learners, workers, and community contributors. 

In a rapidly changing democratic society and global community, teachers must prepare students to be active, self-directed, inquisitive learners and researchers. Instruction should provide students with the opportunity to tackle authentic problems; to use their skills appropriately within and across disciplines; to learn to work alone, cooperatively, and collaboratively in realistic settings; to communicate effectively; and to participate in varied assessments. Through these experiences, all students will become willing and productive thinkers with a passion for learning. 

The Cheshire High community of students, faculty, and parents will strive to provide a safe and nurturing academic and social environment where individual students may reach their potential. We believe that each member of the CHS community should strive for high ethical conduct and respect the worth, talents, and unique abilities of other individuals.

Through the fulfillment of this mission statement, all Cheshire High School students will secure a better understanding of the mathematical, technological, physical, and biological worlds; the worlds of the arts and literature; the social world; and the world of self.