Physical Education is a purposeful and vital part of the student’s educational process. It provides the opportunity for the development of a healthy lifestyle, favorable self-image, creative expression, problem solving and motor skills. The program enhances physical fitness, knowledge and understanding of the body and its movement.

Physical education is a diversified curricular area. Students learn fundamental motor skills and techniques involved in various game and sport activities. Students engage in fitness and lifetime leisure activities leading to the appreciation of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Students are afforded the opportunity to learn to channel competitive feelings, to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of others, and to develop positive interpersonal relationships.


Grades 1-3 One 45 minute class per week

Grade 4 One 50 minute class per week 

Grade 5-6 One 60 minute class per week 


All students are required to wear sneakers for Physical Education. Acceptable sneakers have a rubber sole with a flat sole and heel. Platform sneakers or slip on sneakers with no back are unacceptable.


A note from home will excuse a student from one class.

A note from a doctor is required for students needing to be excused for more than 1 class.


  • Each class time students begin their class with a warm up the consists of push ups, sit ups, a stretch and jumping jacks.  They are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing.  They are also encouraged to do some type of exercise every day.
  • Roller blading/Skating
    It is that time of year!  We are skating with grades 3-6.  This is one of the most popular units we do.  Some suggestions for success.
    1.   Remember your things!  If you don't have equipment I have things you can borrow
    2.  Bring long socks to change into.  This keeps skates from scratching and rubbing your leg.
    3.  Practice if you have blades/skates.

    Parents if you have skates that your kids have outgrown or that you do not use, please donate them to Chapman School.  This is the way to assist this program.
    Posted Apr 21, 2015, 9:31 AM by Joe Krutz
  • Staying active when the weather is bad
    There are many ways for you and your family to do this.  See the attached page for some great ideas!
    Posted Dec 9, 2014, 5:46 AM by Joe Krutz
  • Untitled
    Posted Dec 9, 2014, 5:39 AM by Joe Krutz
  • Untitled

    Posted Dec 9, 2014, 5:39 AM by Joe Krutz
  • Upcoming Activity
    We will begin jump rope activities next week.  If you can find a jump rope at home take it out this weekend and jump!
    Posted Mar 7, 2014, 6:09 AM by Joe Krutz
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