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History section: 
ABC-CLIO databases > World History:Ancient & Medieval Eras
World History in Context - GALE

Geography section:
 World Geography and A to Z Maps

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Great Events from History - The Ancient World  (Salem History)
Great Lives from History - The Ancient World  (Salem History)
Encyclopedia of Society and Culture in the Ancient World (Infobase)
Egypt, Mesopotamia, the Near East  
Ancient Egypt and the Near East  (Marshall Cavendish)
Encyclopedia of Ancient Egypt
World Eras: Ancient Mesopotamia
Empires of Ancient Mesopotamia (Infobase)
Empires of Ancient Persia (Infobase)
Empire of Ancient Egypt (Infobase)
A Brief History of Egypt (Infobase)                                                                                  
Encyclopedia of Modern Asia (GVRL) good articles on each of the dynasties
The Civilization of Ancient China  (Rosen epoint books)
The Civilization of Ancient India  (Rosen epoint books)
India A Global Studies Handbook (ABC-Clio)
Encyclopedia of India (GVRL) 

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Print resource for Hebrews/Israelites: 
The Illustrated Atlas of Jewish Civilization REF 909.0492 BAC

Salem History  ebook - Great Events and Great Lives from History 
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