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Disadvantages of Septic Systems

The disadvantages of a septic system are the cost, electricity, maintenance, effectiveness, and law.
Cost:The cost of having a septic can be very expensive to install and maintain.
Electricity:Electricity must be used to run a septic system, which adds the extra cost of paying electricity.
Maintenance: The maintenance of a septic must be checked frequently, if it is not there is a bigger chance that things could go wrong. The contents of the septic tank should be cleaned every two or three years or when the total depth of sludge and scum exceeds 1/3 of the liquid depth of tank. If the tank does not get cleaned it can cause rapid clogging in absorption field, which causes premature failure. The cost of pumping your tank is less expensive than replacing absorption field.
Problems:Roots from trees in immediate area of absorption lines may clog system. Keep swimming pools( above or in-ground) away from absorption lines.
Effectiveness:The effectiveness of a septic  system can decrease due to excessive chemicals pouring down the lines or neglect of the system.
Law:The last disadvantages of a septic system is law. The septic system is not allowed in municipatilties. The use of a septic system can only occur in certain locations.