Is equality achievable?--Bybee

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Catalog:  (CCHS Library>Catalog)
Print books – 
  • Reference- look for books with REF at the beginning of the call number.
    • ex. REF 305.8 Enc              Encyclopedia of Race & Racism
  • For non-fiction look for books that have an actual number at the beginning of the call number.
    • ex. 323.1196 Wil                   Civil Rights Movement
    • Use the 'Material Type" box on the left side of the page to limit books to reference or ebooks only: Click on: 'Online book'  or 'Reference Collection' and 'Include'.   Note: not all eBooks are listed in the catalog.  If they are in the catalog, their call number will have "online" before the number.  
Use the Research Resources to search for ebooks or search for topics by eBook publishers:

CCHS library > Databases & eBooks> Click on the purple ebooks button at the top