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In the History column:

ABC-CLIO databases, especially American History

U.S. History in Context - Gale

Salem History

Annals of American History - (Primary Sources) 

Issues and Controversies in American History

  • Good to use to form an argument or a thesis
  • Note the two ways to filter your search: by subject or by era
  • Note the article sections in the left sidebar

History Reference Center - EBSCO

ABC-CLIO eBook Collection

Virtual Reference Library (Gale)


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The Gilded Age and Progressivism: 1891-1913

Unions and Labor Laws

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  • Brainstorm possible keywords and search the catalog. 
  • Non-fiction -circulating books in the "stacks" - find a call number for a book on your topic and browse for other books on your topic in the same area
  • Reference:  Consult specialized encyclopedias for your topic or region. Use indexes - sometimes the index is in the last volume of a set.
  • eBooks - To search for eBooks only in the catalog, click on: "Electronic Resources>Include".  Note: not all eBooks are listed in the catalog.  Those in the catalog will have "online" before their call number.  

Sample Print Sources 

B Wells               
To Tell the Truth Freely: The Life of Ida B. Wells        Mia Bay

973 AME           
American Speeches      Edward L. Widmer

ONLINE 306.097 SHR    
The Gilded Age (Online)       Joel Shrock

REF 973 Mil   
Milestone documents of American leaders : exploring the primary sources of notable Americans       Paul Finkelman

American Memories - Library of Congress  (primary sources)

National Archives  (primary sources)

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To get better Google search results, try typing site:edu or site:org + name of topic  
 Examples:       site:org "treaty of versailles"      ex: site:org pompeii