Hot Spots during the Cold War

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 cold warcivil war covert revolutioncolony
 sovietforeign relations CIA proxy war  For Latin America try:
United States natural resource coup rebellion School of the Americas
U.S. superpower  detente nationalize United Fruit Company  

Print Books:
  • Cold War shelf number: 909.825
  • Catalog search for 'hot spot'
  • Search for books about individual countries 
  • Civil Wars of the World: Major Conflicts Since World War II  REF 303.64 CIV
  • Encyclopedia of Conflicts Since World War II REF 909.82 ENC
  • Political History of America's Wars  Alan Axelrod  REF 355.009 AXE
  • History in Dispute: The Cold War  REF 909.825 HIS V.6    REF 909.825 HIS V.1
  • Annals of American History (primary documents) REF 973 ANN multiple volumes

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  • Reference books:  Consult specialized encyclopedias for your topic or region. Use indexes - sometimes the index is in the last volume of a set.
        REF 954.003 ENC       Encyclopedia of India
        REF 304.663 HOR     Encyclopedia of war crimes and genocide
  • Non-Fiction/Circulating:  
    These are circulating books located in the "stacks". Brainstorm possible keywords and search the catalog. Browse the shelves in the non-fiction (stacks) area or the biography section.
    306.362 GAN  Five thousand years of slavery 
    B PINOCHET  Pinochet : the politics of torture

  • Finding eBooks in the catalog - To search for most nonfiction ebooks on your topic, click on: "Electronic Resources" > "Include" in the 'Format' section on the left side of page.  Note: many, but not all, ebooks are listed in the catalog.The call number will have "online" before the number. 
    ONLINE 972.018 SOM    Empire of the Aztecs (Online) [electronic resource]

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