Genocide Research

**Watch this Video First **- (5 min) For helpful tips on using our research resources and to simplify this research.  Ms. Campbell's contact information and a research template are at the bottom of this page.

- to access from home, use username: creek and password: bear, unless there is an exception, noted below.  
These databases are good places to start your research. 

World History in Context- just enter password "bear" to access
Global Issues in Contextjust enter password "bear" to access

Opposing Viewpoints in Context  just enter password "bear" to access
World News Digest- for news articles from 1940- present day

JSTOR- don't click on the find my institution, just login using creek and bear on the left-side. This is a more academic database.  Use for more in-depth needs

eBooks and Websites
GVRL- use "bear" to login.  This collection of eBooks will be helpful for all topics.  Use initial search bar to look up your subject.  You can then go right into an article or go into a particular book.  If you go into a book, you can navigate that specific book only if you choose, by using the "search within the publication" search window

Salem Press- to login to this resource,