Smoky Hill's Shakespeare Competition

January 17, 2019

Winner will go to the State Competition at CU Boulder in February

State finalist wins a trip to NYC, and competes at the National Competition

Shakespeare Competition Rules

The school must adhere to the following rules at their school competition. These rules are consistent with the rules of

the ESU Branch Competition and the National Competition.

  • Each student must select, memorize, and perform one monologue from a Shakespeare play
  • The monologue selection must be from the pre-selected monologues and can not be altered or cut
  • Students’ order of performance should be randomly assigned.
  • Students should introduce themselves by name only (not by school)
  • Students should identify their selection before they begin their presentation.
  • Students cannot wear costumes or use props of any kind (including chairs, jewelry, items of clothing, and hair/hair clips).
  • Students should speak naturally in their own voice (rather than affect a British accent).
  • Students are expected to memorize their pieces. If necessary, however, prompting is allowed. If students require prompting, they must say “Line.”
  • A prompter must be available to students during the competition. Another student (not participating in the competition) may fulfill this role.

Follow this link to complete and submit the entry form. Performance competition will take place in January, after school in the Performing Arts Hallway.

If you are selected to go to the State Competition, you will be required to select, memorize and perform a Shakespearean sonnet from the competition list.

Go to The English Speaking Union National Shakespeare Competition for more information.