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DANCE 1  This class provides the student who has little or no jazz or modern dance experience the opportunity to learn fundamental techniques of movement and rhythm.  The dance styles, history, terminology and aesthetics student will also develop knowledge of.

DANCE 2  This class provides students who have completed Dance 1 the opportunity to learn  more challenging jazz and modern dance techniques. Students will also learn to critically analyze  dance movement and composition.

DANCE 3 This class  provides  the advanced  beginning student  the  opportunity  to learn  more  challenging jazz  and  modern  dance  techniques . Students will also  learn  to  critically  analyze   dance  movement and composition.

DANCE 4 This class provides the advanced intermediate student  the  opportunity  to continue to develop skills in jazz and modern dance technique at the advanced level.  Students  will  also  learn  to  critically   analyze   dance composition and performance.

DANCE COMPOSITION  This class will teach the dancer how to choreograph and stage a dance piece.  Compositional elements such as design, dynamics, rhythm, and motivation will be studied.  Students will submit work for inclusion in a student performance.

DANCE COMPANY  In this class students will develop their performance skills, demonstrate the works of novice choreographers and  explore varied repertory. This class is for advanced students who are accepted by auditions only. Students in this class will represent Smoky Hill on tour and in school performances.

DANCE PRODUCTION METHODS Students will learn aspects of dance production design   including  costumes,  make-up,  properties, stage  lighting  and  sound. Cost: $20.00, which will cover  seminars  and  master  classes from various professionals in the field of dance.