Welcome to the Heritage Elementary Kindergarten Enrichment Program

We are one of only 5 KEPs in the Cherry Creek District to have a Qualistar rated program.

Our program offers enriching experiences for kindergarten students during the half day that they are not attending regular kindergarten. The KE program is fee-based and self-supporting. It is governed by the Cherry Creek School District and by the Department of Human Services, Division of Child Care.   
The objective of our Kindergarten Enrichment Program is to provide a safe, up close and hands on learning experience for the kindergarten aged child and to offer a challenging program for parents who desire a full learning day for their child or for those who require a half day child care service.
The Kindergarten Enrichment class is taught by Shannon Kennedy, an experienced director who has over 15 years of teaching experience. Ms. Kennedy provides entertaining and thought provoking learning activities which cover new topics weekly. These topics allow students to explore and to discover using their own natural curiosities. These opportunities are guided by science, technology, art, music, dramatic play, academics and guest speakers. Ms. Kennedy works closely with Jodi Davis, kindergarten teacher, for seamless transition and meaningful learning experiences.
Our program is required to provide a 1:15, adult:student ratio.
AM CLASS -  8:00 am  to 11:45 pm
PM CLASS - 11:00 am  to  2:45 pm 

Please go to this link for enrollment details.
Contact Details
Shannon Kennedy, KEP Director
Ph: (720)554-3512
Lori Sewill, KEP Bookkeeper
                                       Friendly Reminders:
-Please label any items that you want returned at the end of the day (lunch boxes, water bottles, jackets, sweaters, backpacks, etc).

-It is a long day, so please send two healthy snacks for your child to enjoy mid-morning and mid-afternoon, in addition to their lunch.

-Accidents happen! Please provide an extra set of clothes in a labeled ziplock bag just in case your child may need to change. We will return these at the end of the school year.





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- www.funbrain.com