Soundtrack of Jean Valjean's Life

"The moral world has no greater spectacle thank this; a troubled and restless conscience on the verge of committing an evil deed, contemplating the sleep of the a good man" (Hugo 29).


"Have a Little Faith in Me" - John Hiatt
"I Don't Want to Be" - Gavin Degraw
"Stay or Go" - The Clash
"Folsom Prison Blues" - Johnny Cash
"My Next 30 Years" - Tim McGraw

Liner Note:
The songs collectively express the continuous struggle of Valjean as he determines if he will ultimately live his life for good or evil. Through bluesy, minor tones themes of sorrow and frustration emerge through the music rather than melodies of hope. The songs capture significant moments that are both personal dilemmas and major turning points for Valjean. Together, those moments shape Valjean into the man he becomes by the end of the novel.