Federalism Paper

For content on Part I:

American Government

For content on your issues for Parts II and III of your paper:

CQ Researcher (some reports are very dated, but this will be useful for some topics)

Congressional Digest (unbiased resource on Congressional & Supreme Court debates. This database does not create a citation for you, but gives you some guidance. Please see a librarian for help citing from here)

Issues from ABC-Clio

Issues and Controversies

ProQuest Knowledge Source- SIRS Issues Researcher

Gale in Context- Opposing Viewpoints

World News Digest - Select "Browse News" and "By Topic" to see most recent news articles about your topic. Note: read through to focus on US stories rather than world stories.

Cut and Paste for web search: site:.edu "INSERT YOUR TOPIC HERE" "Federalism"

To support your Opinions in Part III of your paper:

Congressional Digest

Constitution of the United States: A Transcription

Bill of Rights (Amendments 1-10)

Amendments 11-27

Oyez.org - (pronounced oh-yay) use this site to find supreme court cases that support your argument

Supreme Court home site

Remote Access database usernames/passwords

In-text citations presentation

Online News Sources:

New York Times- Students, you can get your own , individual login & account for NYT. Just as a librarian for help!

Advanced Search Tips:

" " use quotations to search a phrase: "video games"

* use an asterisk to search a word variation: federal*

use: AND OR NOT--to combine terms

ex. aggression or violence