Can Siafu Eat a Human?

        Siafu are extremely strong and don't discriminate on what they eat. They are very capable of consuming a human being, but the person must be weakened first. The elderly and the young are most at risk. They kill a person not by eating them alive, but by swarming into a person's lungs. once they are in a person's lungs, they cause suffocation and tear through lung tissue.  Because they have to enter someone's airways, they have to attack something incapacitated such as someone passed out. Pardon the inaccuracies and the fact that this video is from Spike, I thought this was kind of interesting on how Siafu can kill a person. Click Here. Here is an article again proving the fatal mistake of becoming too relaxed in siafu territory. Click Here. Or Click Here, which warns about the lethal capability of driver ants. The overwhelming conclusion is that siafu ants can indeed kill a human, but not like the ants in Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull. They kill humans incidentally by entering the lungs and causing suffocation.