Senior Exit Info

  • Decide on a Project that is Community Service oriented. Talk to potential mentors.
  • Write a 2 to 3 page proposal that includes what you are doing, who is your mentor, who will benefit, what you expect to learn. This must be completed and turned into the office by October 1, 2012. (An outline of what you need is available in the office).
  • Include Approval Form in your notebook.
  • Complete 20 Hours with your mentor on this project.
  •  Keep a journal or log while you do the project of what you do each meeting.
  • Take Pictures
  • When you have completed the project, write an article for the paper about what you did and what you learned. Include a picture or two. (It will be up to The
  • Journal to print but the article must be on file in the office.)
  • Send Thank you notes to your mentor and any other people who helped with your project.
  • Prepare a 5 to 8 minute presentation for the community. You will need to include visuals and details of your project.
  • In February, practice present. This can be to a group of teachers, administrators or fellow students.
  • On or around March 12,2013, all Seniors will present to a panel of community members.
Jun 20, 2012, 5:01 AM