Readling List

Reading List
To more adequately prepare our students for college and life skills, students will be expected to
read over the summer break. For students enrolled in regular English courses, the following
novels and short stories are suggested reading. For students enrolled in Honors English courses,
the following will be required: students will be expected to choose one set of the chosen books
and short stories as well as completing one novel of their choice. On the second day of school, all
students will produce an essay based on a prompt given by the faculty at AHS.
These short stories can all be found online at various sites. The novels can be found in the school
media center, Andrews Public Library at local bookstores. The media center at Andrews High
will be available throughout the summer.
Also, you will find a list of other titles that are recommended by the North Carolina Department
of Public Instruction. Well read college students will have some knowledge of these books,
authors and topics.