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Tobacco, alcohol and drug prevention can be fun! Here are some games that are as entertaining and addicting as they are educational. Share them with your friends and spread the message that being drug-free is the most fun of all!
the truth
Sometimes, the truth hurts. But most of the time, they're funny, witty, and entertaining. This youth-led national website is the premier resource for all things tobacco. 
Visit for tons of hilarious videos, hours of fun games, whack apparel and fuel for your anti-Big Tobacco fire. If this doesn't get you pumped up, we don't know what will.

TRU is the North Carolina teen tobacco-free movement. Their website,, has great games, advocacy opportunites, stories about teens like you across the state, pledges, and networking opportunities. Explore the whole site, or take the shortcut to the games at:
Warning: Whack-A-Pack is addictive. :)
TRU Store
The TRU Store carries gear, apparel and fun items for TRU teens across the state. It is available online by visiting:
The local SADD but TRU Store, featuring the unique Cherokee and Graham County logo, will be coming soon.
MLB Home Run game
Hit drugs hard by playing the
MLB game HERE and win a chance to go to the World Series!
Choose "American Lung Association" as your charity and "go to bat" for this amazing charity!

Students Against Destructive Decisions
Don't be sad about teen drug and alcohol abuse! Get SADD!!
SADD is the national resource for alcohol, marijuana, prescription drug abuse, illegal drugs, and other information. But did you know it is also the home of some activities you can conduct at your school or in your community? Visit for great ideas for taking the message to the streets!
Oppose underhanded tobacco tactics!
Join a community of people who are tired of being treated as stupid by the tobacco companies. That is exactly what is being done when tobacco products are marketed as "safe." This social networking site contains links to every kind of emerging tobacco product.
To visit, go to: and browse as a guest, or login and post to the forums about what you've learned! Please use first name only.

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