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About Our School

to Ranger School!  I am so pleased that you have taken the time to access our web site to learn about our outstanding school.  You will learn a great deal about us as you follow each link. 
Our mission is to provide the academic, social and emotional focus and support to allow our students to grow to be upstanding citizens of our town, county, state, United States and possibly the world.  The “world” really is the limit now.
Newcomers to our school use words such as “warm, friendly, supportive, caring, high standards and high expectations” to describe our school community.  I believe you would feel the same if you were to visit or become a member of our school community.We work hard, laugh and have fun with great zeal and love being the educators of our students.  Please come and let us prove to you that this is true. Come visit anytime.  Enjoy our website work in progress.

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Address:                              Phone & Fax:
101 Hardy Truett Road             Phone: (828) 644-5111 Murphy, NC  28906                 Fax: (828) 644-9828
School Belief Statements:
1. We believe that all children are capable of learning.
2. We believe that the major objective of education is to build a strong foundation in social, physical, academic, creative, and emotional skills.
3. We believe that a cooperative effort should be made by the school and the community to maintain an ever-developing system of education which will reflect the highest aims of our participants.


Mission Statement:
"Learn Today to Build Tomorrow"



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