Dr. Barbara Haydon

Dr. Barbara Haydon comes from a diverse and varied background. 

Her education began with a BSN in nursing from East Carolina   University. She knew then that she wanted to be an educator. 

During the BSN program, she was part of the Army Student Nurse program. While a army nurse for 10 years, she received her Master's Degree in Education and Master's Degree in Human Resources Management with Pepperdine University. 

She then was an office manager, administrator and nurse in a busy Orthopedic clinic for the next 20 years. In year 2000 , she began her doctorate work. She now has a PhD in Energy Medicine and a ThD in Spiritual Healing with an emphasis on Integrative Medicine. 

She began working in Andrews High School in November 2007 as HOSA instructor and is  the Health Science Instructor.

My contact information  
Phone: (828)321-5415
                                                     The best time to call is between 3 pm and 3:30 pm.